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So, do you know what a podcast is?

Podcasts can be an easy and interesting way to improve your English pronunciation and listening comprehension.

The word podcast comes from the combination of the words “broadcast” and “iPod” (one of the most popular portable MP3 players), and nowadays, they are everywhere on the web. Furthermore, you can find podcasts in many languages and they usually focus on a wide variety of topics.

Thus, podcast is a form of audio broadcasting on the Internet. In other words, it is an MP3 audio file that one can subscribe from the Internet, and it contains, as already mentioned, all kinds of information, from news, music, and culture to different research or study topics. You just access a website and search through its podcast files and click on whatever is interesting to you!

In case you want more information about podcasting, you can visit these websites, for instance, and learn a little bit more about this useful technology:




And, of course, if you are interested in improving your English skills (grammar, listening, etc…), this website is a very useful resource for you to study some topics of the English language while listening to podcasts!  Then, you can come back here and share some of the things you’ve learned!


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